We apply both cementitious and intumescent fireproofing materials for passive fire protection in large and small buildings. These products are designed to delay the transfer of heat and retain the structural integrity of the building in the event of a catastrophic fire. Cementitious fireproofing is applied as a spray that eventually dries and forms a barrier to delay the transfer of heat. Intumescent fireproofing is a fire-resistant coating that expands in response to a fire, creating a layer of protection that can deter the fire for a period of time.

Spray insulation

Spray foam insulation not only makes commercial buildings more comfortable, but it also improves energy efficiency by reducing the loss of air. We install two kinds of spray insulation for thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings. K-13 thermal insulation is an exposed ceiling spray insulation that requires no additional barriers or materials as it works to effectively absorb sounds. We also install Huntsman open-cell and closed-cell insulation. The former is a spray that creates an air barrier to traditional insulation and is suitable for interior applications only. The latter adheres to most surfaces to provide an air, water, and vapor barrier for both interior and exterior applications.

Vapor barrier

We apply a wide range of air and vapor barrier solutions, from peel-and-stick to fluid-applied, ensuring that building exteriors are properly sealed. These multi-function barriers prevent water and air from infiltrating the building to ensure comfort, energy efficiency, and long-term structural integrity. Our professionals are trained to install the vapor barriers so that potential moisture and condensation are minimized.