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As we strive to maintain our status as a premier fireproofing contractor, our primary focus continues to be professional integrity and exceptional workmanship. Our do-what’s-right attitude and our commitment to never settle for status quo set us apart and position us for continued success.

As a well-known fireproofing contractor that’s been in business for more than 40 years, we understand the important role we play in keeping buildings safe. Our trained professionals are equipped to handle even the toughest challenges. It’s one more reason we put people first and value building relationships with our customers and the communities we serve.


We apply both cementitious and intumescent fireproofing materials for passive fire protection in large and small buildings. These products are designed to delay the transfer of heat and retain the structural integrity of the building in the event of a catastrophic fire.
We install two kinds of spray insulation for thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings. Spray foam insulation not only makes commercial buildings more comfortable, but it also improves energy efficiency by reducing the loss of air.
We apply a wide range of air and vapor barrier solutions, from peel-and-stick to fluid-applied, ensuring that building exteriors are properly sealed. These multi-function barriers prevent water and air from infiltrating the building.

Proven Integrity & Quality Workmanship

“The team at ACP is flat out tremendous to work with! In particular, their ability to think broadly and be transparent are attributes that we value in our relationship, and allow us to effectively and efficiently collaborate when working together.”

– Doug H